Vehicle Specification Data

HaynesPro UK maintains a set of over 300 vehicle specification items linked to the UK car and LCV population. These items would typically be listed in a vehicle’s brochure and include internal, external, comfort, safety and security vehicle features. HaynesPro UK specification data can be delivered individually by VRM or VIN through our webservices or in bulk vehicle reports.

Key benefits of using HaynesPro UK specification data:

  • Standardised specification items
    • No manufacturer specific names such as "Scorpion wheels"
    • Additional detail such as fitment location where applicable
  • Specifications applicable to individual registrations
    • Using the vehicles date of registration
  • Guaranteed up-time due to data being held on HaynesPro UK servers
  • Fast data response with no cap on usage
    • Essential for high volume webservice usage

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