Vehicle MOT Data

HaynesPro UK maintains its own database of historic vehicle MOT data, as well as having live feeds from both the DVLA and the DVSA. MOT data can be delivered individually by VRM or VIN through our webservices or in bulk vehicle reports.

Key benefits of using HaynesPro UK MOT Data:

  • Best in class MOT data services – HaynesPro UK are the only data provider with our own cleansed MOT database and multiple data sources.
    • Gives the ability to extend the traditional "MOT expiry date" to a full "MOT due date" – essential for vehicles under 3 years old.
  • Advanced plate change handling
    • When plate changes occur, MOT records are linked to the correct vehicle from the MOT test date.
  • Guaranteed up-time due to data being held on HaynesPro UK servers
    • Other providers who simply pass on direct feeds from DVLA or DVSA can not have service level guarantees
  • Fast data response with no cap on usage
    • DVLA set usage limits for licensed users and block unlicensed users

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