Vehicle Registration Lookup

HaynesPro UK supply vehicle look up data by Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for vehicles registered with the DVLA in the UK. Our typical customers are large national parts groups, buying groups, manufacturers, insurers, indeed anyone who has a need to identify a vehicle. The service we provide is the most accurate available which is the backbone of our success.

Our Number Plate Lookup by VRM provides you with a live feed directly into our vehicle database via WebApi and Web Services. This allows you to retrieve up to 150 fields of vehicle data and enables you to integrate a vehicle lookup service directly into your own website or application.

An example of vehicle registration integration

A dealer enters the vehicle registration number plate into his Dealer Management System , which requests the necessary data from HaynesPro UK and then automatically populates the vehicle data fields, including description, colour, first registration date, engine number, VIN (chassis) number in the DMS, giving an increase in the speed and accuracy of vehicle data input in all dealer departments.

  • No More
    • Databases filled with incorrect vehicle records
    • Customers having repairs delayed as insufficient or incorrect vehicle information is recorded, such as engine code resulting in the incorrect parts ordered
    • Incorrect vehicle descriptions as our details provide a standardised description
  • Improving
    • Increased accuracy of warranty processing via having the right VIN and right first date of registration
    • Improved accuracy of parts ordering resulting in fewer parts returns
  • Allowing...
    • The provision of an automatic link and update to the dealer’s website
    • The ability to reconcile, correct and update all the vehicle data fields held in a dealer’s database, overwriting incorrect fields, reporting on scrapped vehicles and ownership changes

How does it work?

Once you have signed up, you will be given authentication details. Using these, you may link to the web services using standard web requests to call the functions directly. You can retrieve vehicle data by using the Registration Number or VIN.

Vehicle data can be returned as JSON or an XML string for integration with your applications. We will return the vehicle data fields that you have requested and give you the schema for these.

All of the searches that you perform will be logged against your accounts for audit purposes.

Our development team will be happy to advise and assist with all aspects of the data fields and integration. If you would like to know more about our services and would like a demonstration or wish to discuss your requirements further then please contact a member of our team.