Vehicle Reporting

HaynesPro UK provide both cleansed and enhanced vehicle data to numerous organisations involved with the UK vehicle industry.

We have published over 150 reports and made them available by industry sector.

You may want to know, for example:

How many cars and lcv's are there within my local market and what are their breakdown by make, model and age so I can make sure I am carrying the right stock mix? We can provide the answer.

Our data is made up of over 150 fields of vehicle data and includes information on make, model, vehicle segment, fuel type, engine size, engine model, CO2, body type, registration date, date sold, number of owners, ownership type, postal sector of current keeper, colour, oil and tyre information and age.

We also have a cleansed geographical vehicle database that allows you to enquire on vehicle population, age and individual vehicle type by a selected area eg country, region, county, town, postcode district or ‘drive time’. - How many potential customers are close to your sites?

We can help you to analyse your specific markets, understand market trends, assess potential for individual sales locations or dealer networks, forecast sales, plan stocking levels for used cars and replacement parts and quantify opportunities for vehicle servicing and repairs. - Have you got any gaps in your parts coverage?

If you would like to know more about our services, would like a demonstration or wish to discuss your requirements further then click here to contact a member of our team.